3 Mini Seedling Poly Grow Tunnel Cloche Garden Plant Veg Fruit Insect Protection

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Pack of 3 Easy Seedling Poly Tunnel

All the benefits of larger Tunnels, but in miniature! The Easy Seedling Tunnel makes for an inexpensive way to maximise sowing success. Seeds are far more likely to germinate and grow healthily in a warm, moist environment protected from birds, and other pests. For those without a greenhouse or spare windowsill the soil can be warmed enabling earlier sowing.

No pegs are required. As with all Haxnicks tunnels the steel hoops are designed to peg into the ground to keep the tunnel firmly in place. After use the tunnels fold up neatly and can be reused again and again.

Product size- L:80cm x W:18cm x H:12cm

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