Deep Root Trainer Propagator Set Seed Plug Plant Tray Box 32 Cell 12cm Deep

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Deep Rootrainer

Here are just a few examples of the many plants that can be grown in the Deep Rootrainers.
Vegetables e.g. Broad Beans, Runner Beans, French Beans, Beetroot Herbaceous Plants e.g. Sweet Peas, Delphiniums, Sweet Williams, Wallflowers.

Each pack contains: 1 holding tray, 8 books and a clear propagating lid.
Rootrainers encourage vigorous & strong root formation; roots grow straight, avoiding root balls and pot bound plants.

Opening the Rootrainer up in a book-like fashion allows for easy inspection of moisture levels and root progress, as well as satisfyingly easy removal of the young plants.

Product Size- L:36cm W:22cm D:9cm -
Cell depth 12cm

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